How It Felt To Me

How It Felt To Me

From floor sweeping 70s dresses in glittering colour combinations to delicate pastel party dresses in decadent 60s floral jacquard - this collection is made up of pieces that celebrate the art of dressing up and the power of a dress to change the way that we feel.

Remembering how you felt

“I’ve been thinking a lot about an essay by Joan Didion that I read this summer. It’s from Slouching Towards Bethlehem. It’s about why she keeps a notebook, why she’s always written things down. She says it can be a way of coming back to yourself, of remembering how you felt. For her, it’s also a way of keeping on good terms with the different versions of herself, of the people she used to be.” - Sarah, Founder


“If writing a journal is a way of coming back to yourself, I think putting on a dress is another way of doing that. It can take you back to a feeling you had, remind you who you were when you wore it and who you wanted to be.” - Sarah, Founder