How It Felt To Me

How It Felt To Me

The second part of this collection is made up of rosy florals and acid yellow plaid, authentic Bavarian dresses and one show-stopping collar.

Remembering how you felt

“I’ve been thinking a lot about an essay by Joan Didion that I read this summer. It’s from Slouching Towards Bethlehem. It’s about why she keeps a notebook, why she’s always written things down. She says it can be a way of coming back to yourself, of remembering how you felt. For her, it’s also a way of keeping on good terms with the different versions of herself, of the people she used to be.”


“If writing a journal is a way of coming back to yourself, I think putting on a dress is another way of doing that. It can take you back to a feeling you had, remind you who you were when you wore it and who you wanted to be.”