We collect, curate, repair and reimagine beautiful vintage dresses to protect their lifespan and bring a slice of romance and history into your wardrobe.

Another Matinee is a London-based online vintage store, started in 2019 by Sarah Brand.

With nearly a decade’s experience creating and producing content in the fashion and design industries, Sarah wanted to combine this work with her love of storytelling and curiosity around the art of the found object.

In the press

How does it make you feel?

“To me, that's the most important question when getting dressed. I'd like my wardrobe to be made up of pieces that make me feel something, that capture a memory and tell stories of where I've been. I sometimes think - if you were playing yourself in a movie in your life, what would you want to wear? When I'm choosing an Another Matinee dress, I'm imagining the people who've worn it, the people who will wear it, where they'll go and how they'll feel.”

- Sarah Brand, Founder