The 'Catch A Wave And Take In The Sweetness' Dress

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Sandra-Dee meets Lana Del Rey. She's a long-length candy-striped vintage dress and with a flowing full skirt. She has a dramatic square neckline lined with ruffles, which is mirrored on the reverse. We've paired her with a clashing neck tie and our favourite stomping boots but she's also au fait with a delicate heel for a fancier occasion. For the finished look, slip a vintage cardi over your shoulders and you have that 'romantic lead in the fifties' vibe down. Fully lined. Great vintage condition. There's a tiny faint mark on the material near the bottom on the front but you really can't see it because her skirt is so full and swishy.
Bust: 17", Waist: 14.5", Length: 54"
Less is more when it comes to washing her. Repeated vigorous washing damages the fibres of clothing. With this delicate beauty, we'd recommend spot cleaning when required. Dry clean only.
Modelled by Emma who is a size S and 5”7.
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